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The Only Complete Weight Loss Program!

Lose Weight and Get Fit Forever!

This complete weight loss/fitness program and eBook will motivate you to get fit and lose weight. It is the only complete program out there with a goal methodology, along with your nutritional regimen, your phased workout plan, and access to online resources!

Hello! I'm author and personal trainer, Greg Johnson. Did you know there are thousands of books on exercise? There are thousands of books on nutrition. There are thousands of books on goal setting. I've pulled together just what you need in less than 40 pages - and most of that is the workout and nutrition plan. In other words, this program will have you up and running ASAP!

Get Ripped

With this Complete eBook Program you also get:

Look, you can go to Denny's, Chilis, IHop or your favorite restaurant and spend $20 - $30 in one sitting, but do yourself a favor. Change your life and spend that small amount of money on this complete program instead. You won't regret it for a moment! You have nothing to lose, since we'll refund all your money if you follow the program and don't see any results within 60 days!

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Who Should Buy this Program:

  • Anyone who needs to lose weight
  • Mothers who want to lose that baby fat
  • Athletes who want to improve their performance
  • Fit folk who wish to become ripped or just get in the best shape of their life.
  • Anyone who wishes to increase lean muscle mass, improve wellness, strength and fitness!

The nutritional component in this program alone will have you seeing less flu bugs, better recovery time, and fewer aching knees and joints!
If you have questions regarding the Fit Transition program, please contact us via email at

Complete Nutrition Program

Our Return Policy: We are so convinced that you will be successful using the Fit Transition Program that we have an iron-clad 100% money back guarantee with the program! If you don't see an incredible change in your fitness and/or you are not completely satisfied with all the Fit Transition guide has to offer, simply request a refund within 60 days of purchase and you will get your money back with no questions asked. We know that you will have amazing results following this program beyond anything you've ever seen before! This is the fitness program you've been looking for!

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"Good news since being on the this FitTransition program my blood pressure is 120/ hasn't been that for years!" - Garrick Dean

Before I applied these principles in my life I weighed 245 pounds and had sore knees all the time. I had stopped playing basketball and playing outside with my kids, and my progress in the gym had plateaued. Now I maintain a healthier 220. My knees don't hurt - I'm even squatting 365 lbs! I've resumed playing basketball with my kids and go running with them when they ask. I feel better and - an interesting side effect - I get sick much less often! I would recommend this program to everyone!!! - Author Greg Johnson, FitTransition Program

"I read the ebook and I can truly say that these are things that my mom has been telling me about forever but the way you put it in this Ebook made it easier for me to understand and apply to myself." - Chantz Whipple, American Fork Utah. Chantz lost several pounds in the first week!

By Christmas of 2008, I was totally out of shape and larger than life (literally). I had ballooned to a staggering 300 lbs at my heaviest before I discovered the strategies taught with the Fit Transition program. After following the program with it’s easy to use nutrition and exercise program, I’ve dropped a mind-blowing 80 lbs of pure fat in the past 5 months and I’m fitter than ever before! Not only has the fat dropped off, I’m lifting heavier and performing cardio workouts with far greater intensity than I ever imagined possible! In addition to this, a lot of my previous health problems that I experienced including seasonal allergies and sicknesses have simply disappeared! The Fit Transition program works wonders and not only helps you lose the weight (weight loss products) and get ripped, but helps you to make a complete lifestyle transition that is simple and easy to maintain in the long term. I absolutely love the FT phased-approach workouts and their included 10 commandments of nutrition with corresponding eating guide is really easy to follow. -Andrew Bentauk, Queen Creek, Arizona. get fit

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